Meet the Horses

The success of any horse drawn carriage business is based on multiple things but one of the most important is the strength of character and personality of the horses. The Shenandoah Carriage Company, LLC is blessed to have an amazing group of horses. Each have their own personality but all take their jobs very seriously. They seem to know they carry a precious load. For us, the horses are not just horses we use in the business, they are beloved family pets and loved and cherished by the staff. When not going to an event, they can found lounging in the pasture, being bathed and groomed by the staff, getting their feet done by the farrier, going on trail rides with the staff or just playing in the field with the crew and their children.

In harness, at an event, its all business. They ignore the noises and commotion of traffic and party goers instead focusing on the driver and the job they are being asked to do. Most horses can be trained to drive but the character of a carriage horse goes beyond pulling a carriage. It requires courage and a level of trust that is found in the heart, not in the head. Our horses were specifically selected because of the challenges we know they will face. They have the heart. That said, they also bring humor and enthusiasm to each event. When we are loading a trailer, they are all at the gate waiting to see who gets to go. The horses are happiest when they get the staff to stop their work and laugh at their antics.